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Compassionate Healthcare

Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are dedicated to offering you private and secure treatment.

A Daisy Virtual Membership can be ideal!

We are above and beyond taking care of you when you are sick (although we can). 

We offer homeopathy treatment, integrative health coaching, meal planning, depression treatment. 

If you are not feeling like yourself, below are common conditions we can help you with:

Acne, Allergies, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Erectile Dysfunction (one-time script only, then you should seek ongoing care from your primary provider) Flu, Headache, Insect bites, Nausea, Pink eye, PeP, Rash, Sinus Infection, Sore throat, Urinary Tract Infection (women 18 and over), Yeast Infection, Vomiting

We cannot care for your chronic conditions through a virtual platform.

We are also unable to write for narcotics, benzodiazepines, or any other sedating medications. 

If you have a chronic condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, you may want to consider becoming a member of our direct primary care clinic. It is membership-based, you pay one low monthly cost, and get unlimited care throughout the year.

Visit for more information. 

We are licensed in Arizona Only

Experienced Medical Professionals


Have a Smartphone? Start a virtual visit now from anywhere. As a member, you should have received an invite to Hale Health. With this simple app, you can tell us what is wrong and we will help you take care of it.  You must be invited to use the hale app, check your junk box. If you did not recieve the invite, click here and let us know

We offer a broad array of services geared to address today’s most common non-emergency illnesses and injuries. We know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all cure, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your care.  

Need a Clinic Visit?


We know you have a virtual membership, but sometimes you need a physical clinic appointment. As a virtual member, you have access to our clinic as well. Cost per clinic visit is only $25. You also get the same benefits as our other members. 

Sometimes you are too sick, say you are vomiting, and you are getting dehydrated, we can help you by giving you some medication in your veins, and give you fluids, sometimes even vitamins. Having increased back pain, tried everything? You may need to come in and see us. See if we can help you before you go to the emergency room or urgent care.  If nothing is available, call the clinic for appointment (602) 314.6960

Have a Chronic condition and Need ongoing care?

We have a health care clinic in Phoenix! (its membership-based, you pay one low monthly cost for unlimited office/virtual visits) Fill out form below and we will contact you within 3 business days.

We can provide the care you deserve.

Do you have a chronic condition, Or are you just feeling awful lately and you need honest, nurturing health care? We can help you. We are a membership based primary care clinic located in Phoenix, on Peoria Ave, near 43rd ave. Pay one low monthly cost, get unlimited visits. So if you are trying to manage a condition and need to come in weekly, there is no office copay. Other services are discounted as well, such as labs, x-rays, etc. 

Visit our clinic website

Daisy Telemedicine

Online Healthcare


Varies. We are available usually from 7am-9pm for online visits. Please keep in mind that we also see clinic patients.  

Virtual Healthcare Blog

So, you ever wonder what virtual healthcare is, what it covers, the benefits, the risk? Let's talk about it.